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Friday, 11 November 2011

Research - Video Analysis - Moving Image Project

Analysis of the video: Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars
·         There is a black screen with only music playing until about 10 seconds in when the screen turns form black to a black screen with writing on it. The tension is built at the start with the black screen and the style of music.
·         The writing says “this is not reality, this is a dream” this is when you hear lightning strike. The writing makes you feel edgy and like anything can happen because it’s a dream; it fits well with the music as the music also makes you feel uneasy. A woman is reading the text as it appears on the screen (not in English); this makes it less familiar and creepy.
·         When the lightning strikes it changes shot, to an establishing shot of a city with the sun rising over it. This lets the audience know where the video is set.
·         The next shot that stood out to me was the man walking alone in the underground metro station; this immediately isolates him and makes him appear to be weak and vulnerable.
·         Quick cuts are used to show something is going to happen.
·         Cuts to a man riding fast on a motor bike create the feeling that some action is going to happen.
·         There is a slight part of red in the video for example, on the traffic light and red ribbon. Red represents a whole range of things but in this case it seems to scream out danger and lust later on in the video.
·         1.40 seconds in to the music video there is still no lyrics, this in its self creates more tension.
·         2 minutes into the video a man looks out of the door after hearing a knock however no one is there this send shivers down your spine.
·         As he looks down he sees photos of him sleeping taken moments before, as he looks back up you see a figure standing there holding some sort of weapon. This is what the tension has been building up to.
·         As the man jumps out of an open window in a desperate attempt to get away from “the bad guy” the shot turns to slow motion and the music becomes disoriented to fit with the shot type.
·         Tension is built up a lot as the man falls fast and rapidly to the ground from a skyscraper. However you breathe a sigh of relief after you see him float to the ground. This has the effect of making you heart skip a beat.
·         When the slow motion is used he seems to be getting closer and more drawn in to the bad guy.
·         Some of the acting is done to the beat of the music this emphasises the narrative.
·         The music stop as a crash happens this makes you focus fully on what is happening.
·         When a girl starts to talk over the music, the video features parts of what she talks about this makes the voice over connect more with the video.
·         The video has some sexual aspects to it for example the main man is rarely wearing a top and there are rapid cuts to half naked body parts like a female’s bum and breasts. This mean the video would appeal to both male and female.
·         A lot of the shots consist of the man looking small and vulnerable because he is surrounded by such big areas (for example this happens 6.36 minutes into the video).
·         As the man is eventually hit with the weapon the connection of it is highlighted by having the sound effects of the attack.
·         Rapid cuts are made to fit with the changes of music 7.24 minutes in. This builds even more tension and makes you feel like you are waiting for something to happen.
·         A man/woman in a rabbit head costume appears form nowhere out of the dark, this immediately alarms you.
·         All of the fights in the video are emphasised by sound effects making you pay more attention to them while still fitting in with the music.
·         Cuts to black screens are used in this video to create an aspect of mystery to the music video.
·         Once again the acting in the video is done to the beat of the music.
·         There are very fast cuts at the end playing to the beat of the music.

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