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Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Basic Plot Of Our Music Video

Me and Amy are doing a music video to the song feeling good sung by Muse. In the video we have decided to feature a short story. The basic story line is that the video will be based in the 18th century, in these times people did believe in vampires. There is a teenage human girl turned into a vampire. She feels free and therefor is going anywhere she wants and does what she wants. However this happiness is short lived as some villagers take it upon there self to “hunt her down like and animal”. Her identity is revealed because of her clothing and accessories. She is wearing knee length dresses in most of the video and would therefor stand out to the villagers as females would have been expected to wear only long dresses. The necklace that she wears in the video gives her the power to be out in sun light without getting hurt. The necklace is unusual and will make her stand out even more to the villagers. The next scene is when the villagers get into a huge battle against the girl/vampire. It is not directly revealed in the video who wins this massive battle however it is apparent that she ends up with the most power and control so therefor wins the fight.

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