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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Target udience

front cover design

This is my design for my front cover for my music magazine.

Names for my magazine

  • Brand
  • Angelic
  • Musique
  • Bold
  • Innocent
  • Estellar
  • Esta
  • Muzik
  • Cent

Thursday, 10 February 2011

I made a questionnaire to hand out to....
1.     What type of magazine do you prefer and why?

2.     What sorts of pages do you like e.g. puzzles? ----------------------------------------------------

3.     What is the most you would you pay for a magazine? -------------------

4.     How many magazines do you buy a month?(Tick one box)

0-1                  2-4                   5+

5.     What makes a good magazine? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

6.     What is the first thing you look at on a magazine and why? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

7.     What would you like to see on a magazine and why? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

8.     What do you not like on a magazine and why? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

9.     What articles would you look for in a magazine? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

What Makes A Great Photo And Layout?

For our front cover of our school magazine we are required to put on a medium shot image for the main photo.Photos look good in various way however, for a school magazine cartain things wouldnt look right.I think that the key to a good photo is: Lighting, camera angle and the mise-en-scene of the image. The lighting should not be to bright but it should show a bright glow on the model if thats what purpose it should fit. The camera angles should change as depending on what magazine thta photo is for should change that camera angle.Like thia the mise-en-secen also depends on the purpose of the magazine. or my magazine i chose grey, white and blck or the colours on the models clothes as i think this goes well with my magazines colour scheme, this is because it make the model stand out but doesnt clash to much.

An example of a good photo

An example of a bad photo
The good photo manipulated the light to complapent her body language which makes for a good picture.Her body language is very approprate for fashion.The bad photo is very blury and only shows half of his body.

The Layout
The layout of a magazien will change acording to what magazine genre it is for example, a rock magazine will be on edge and wild where as an interlectual magazine would be more organised. For a good layout on a magazine i think you need and image where there is lots of text so it doesnt look to full of chunks of text. I also think it should be organised however not boring as it could look messy if there is no organisation.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

School magazine 31/01/11

In todays lesson we started making our school magazines. I choose to make mine a Thomas Hepburn magazine.I used a medium shot image for my front cover.The model used is wearing the appropriate clothing for school. The colour clothes he is wearing goes well with my colour scheme as the image do stand out but not so much that title doesntlook important.I cut out the back grouind and only used the model on my front cover.

The main image on my front cover