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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My Competion

my competion are magazines like:


Rolling Stones magazine

Rock magazine

As you can see the colours i have used in my magazine (black, white & red)are also commonly used in other rock magazines.  these magazines are mainly wear the insperation for my magazine came from.


Im currently in the middel of recieving audience research. I have decided to use questionnaires to get my eedback as they can be easily analysed and the audience ffind this easier. I also plan to do one on one interviews with some target audience as I feel using different techniques to get feed back will improve not only my practical work but also my blog as i can post the results and analyse them.

changing my front cover image

The image I have on my front cover is going to be changed as i have changed my magazine from a pop magazine to a rock magazine and the image and costume that the model is wearing doesn't fit to this genre. However im using the same model for my magazine as i feel she is photogenic and is easy accessible for  retaking photos.