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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Consumer Profile

Here is mine and Amy's consumer profile

Gender: - Female
Name: Amilia
Age: - 17
Hobbies: - Listens to music and enjoys going to gigs. Enjoys hanging out with her mates and going to the cinema. She’s at the age where she’s embarrassed being seen in public with her family but still gets along with them in the house and loves to sit and have a family meal.
Attitude: - She is they type of person that will tell you how it is, she is a very opinionated person and if she doesn’t agree with you she will let you know. However, she states her point in a respectable way.
Style of Clothes: - She has her own unique style and doesn’t go with the trends, whatever she likes in the shop she will buy.
Holiday Destination: - She would love to go to America as its home to the Hollywood walk of Fame and one of her favourite places in the world New York City, which is where she would like to go and see a Broadway Show.
School: - Even though she comes across as not being interested she is very studious loves her studies.
Hopes for the future: - In the near future she hopes to attend university; however she is still undecided on what she wants to do.

 Gender: - Male
 Name: Dan
 Age: - 18
 Hobbies: - Enjoys going to music stores and seeing what new albums are out. Loves hanging around with his mates, playing X-box games and hanging out with them at the skate park or at the cinema. He also enjoys going to gigs.
Attitude: - At first he comes across as ignorant but then as you get to know him it becomes apparent that that’s just how he acts around new people, and then you can have a laugh with him.
Style of Clothes: - Very rock band, the typical skinny jeans and converse. He doesn’t tend to care what he wears, he sees it in his wardrobe picks it up and throes it on, then puts a range of belts around it to make out like he’s thought about what to wear.
Holiday Destination: - Not the type for listening to club land so Ibiza is a no, he would rather go somewhere adventurous and challenging like the Antarctic. 
School: - Even though he doesn’t look like the stereotypical person that enjoys school he got the grades he needed and is now attending university to study game design.
Hopes for the future: - He hopes that the game he designs will be as successful as Call of Duty. However, he thinks that will be very unlikely.


Target Audience

Me and Amy have decide to go with the age range of 13-27 for our target audience. Together we have created a character profile for a male and a female. This will be who we will target our video at.

A2 Project - Muscic Video

Moving Image Project

For my year 13 media studies project i will be producing a music video. In my group there is me and Amy Bruce. Our first task will be to decide who our target audience for our music ideo will be. Once we do this we will create a character profile of our target audience, this is who our who project will be aimed at. We will hand out questionnaires to our target audience. Our next group task will be to decide what roles each team memeber will have.

Ancillary Task

Our ancillary task requirers us to create an album cover and a poster. The poster is to advertise the single.
Both members in our team have to analyse 3 different music posters. This is so we will get to know the conventions of a music poster. This in turn will improve the quality of our music poster.

We hope to get these task completed and on our blogs by Sunday 16th October 2011.