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Thursday, 19 April 2012

EVALUATION QUESTION - How Did You Use Media Technologies in the Construction, Research, Planning and Evaluations Stages?

In the making of my music video I used a range of different media technologies to create a professional look and feel to the music video.
The majority of the filming was done with a HD filming camera. The settings on the camera were already set to what we required we did not need to change them. The HD camera I used was easy to work and handle. This made the filming a whole lot easier to do. I also did some filming underwater but since I didn’t have access to a high tech underwater camera, I used an average digital camera with a water prof casing to make it able to film underwater. Both cameras were relatively easy to use and I became accustomed to using them very fast. This enabled me to quickly learn how to pan effectively and use effective camera movements. One thing that was harder to pick up on with the cameras was getting the footage from the camera onto the computers.
The computer I used was an Apple Mac HD computer. The Apple Mac had IMovie already installed on it making it easier for me to get straight on to editing the music video. Some of the shots I recorded were a bit unstable, IMovie allowed me to use the stabilisation tool to make the shots steadier when it was required. Some of the shots had the wrong lighting; I was able to change the lighting using the brightness and contrast tool. To make parts of the footage fit in time with the pace of the music I used the speed up and slow down tool to alter the speed of the footage, which made it fit better in time with the beat of the soundtrack. I also used the filter tool to change the colours in the filming footage; this had the effect of creating a more paranormal feel to some of the shots. The filter also gave the video a more professional look.  In-between some of the shots transitions were required. Cross fade was the transition used most in my music video as I felt this was most effective, however some of the shots didn’t require transitions as fast cuts were necessary.  I changed most of the saturation in the majority of the shots the make them look more professional.
When I first started media studies in year 12 Photoshop was a whole new concept to me. However the AS media studies allowed me to gain more knowledge on Photoshop and become more familiar with it. This made editing my ancillary task quicker as I didn’t have to work out how to use it. I used a whole range of effects on my ancillary tasks from editing the saturation to changing the sizes of things. More effects were used on the Digi pack then on the poster; this was because I wanted my poster to have a plain feel to it. For my ancillary task I used a still camera to take the photos. Again this was already set to the required settings, making it easier to do.
I used YouTube in the research stage to gather an idea of what music videos should be like. I also used Microsoft power point to produce a presentation on what music video should be like. For the planning stages I created two questionnaires, I produced these on Microsoft word. Questionnaires were a great way to collect the information I needed as they aren’t time consuming and the get straight to the point, this made it a great deal easier to collect audience feedback.
In the evaluation stage of the product I used a video camera to record me answering one of the evaluation questions. I also used slide share to upload my audience feedback presentation for one of the evaluation questions. Blog spot was used throughout all the stages of making my music video. Blog spot has allowed me to become a successful prosumer in the media industry. By using blog spot my work can be viewed worldwide by millions of people. Blog spot also allowed me to view other peoples work which gave me a wider knowledge on the media industry.

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