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Monday, 5 March 2012

Feedback on our music video

We did a showing of our music video so far for a media class.
Here are some of the negative comments that we received:
  • There are too many sections of the girl just walking around.
  • The narrative isn't very clear or obvious.
  • Shots in music videos are usually 2-3 seconds long however in yours there are shots that are 7 seconds long.
  • The part with the man playing the guitar should be earlier as i believe it would fit better.
  • The colour pallets used shouldn’t change as dramatically as they do.
  • On the underwater scene at the start, the tiles in the swimming pool are visible this takes away from the effectiveness.
  • I believe that the transitions could be used better to improve the music video.
  • The random statue doesn’t represent anything in the video so it's pointless.
  • The shots at the start of the video are bright but the shot of the sun is darker when it should be brighter.
  • Some of the walking shots should be removed and replaced with more performance shots.
Here are some positive comments we received:
  • The timing is really good at the start of the music video
  • There is a good use of edgy camera movements
  • There was a huge range of shots used.

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