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Monday, 5 December 2011

Record Lables

My self and Amy decided that we would need to do some research on which record labels sign bands like Muse that would perform the same style of music. I thought of bands that are like muse in order to see which record label would hypothetically sign Muse. One band that we thought of was Green Day. They were signed by Reprise records. Reprise Records was formed in 1959 by Frank Sinatra. Frank Sinatra stated he formed Reprise records in order to allow more 'artistic freedom' for his own recordings. Here is a list of record labels that would potentially sign Muse:  
  • Reprise records  
  • Fueled by Ramed
  • EMI
Although Sony records dont sign artists that preform alternative rock i have choosen to use them as my record label because they are a successful lable and they are well known.

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