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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Two Page Artical

Daisy Doolittle won Pop-Land in 2010.We will be discussing her relationships with fellow contestants and talking about the do’s and don’ts of famous life. Daisy fills us in on her current famous and family life and her new music video for ‘inspire me’.

We all know that you owe your success to Pop-Land but there has been a lot of rumours that some contestants including your self were lip singing on numerous occasions is this true?

Well seriously what can I say it’s a talent contest it would be pointless if me or another previous contestant lip sang.

There has been reports that there was a lot of friction between you and Tommy Coates and a lot of well let’s call it heat between you and Brad Talbot are these accusations true?

Me and Tommy didn’t get off to the best start but what can I say he is a great guy.

How about Brad?

No comment [laughs]

[Laughs] I will take that as a yes then

No, no me and brad were really close friends and yes it is true that we have became a little more than that recently.

Just when I thought me and you had a chance [laughs]. It’s been said in the Slip newspaper that you were thinking about buying a house close to your parents home.

Yeah I was considering it however I don’t think I will really be home a lot with my tours so no I don’t think I will at this point.

So back on the brad subject how long have you two been together as an item?

About 3 months

So is this serious or just a short term thing?

I’m hoping a long term relationship [laughs]

So I should be expecting wedding bells?

I don’t think we are there just yet [laughs] but who knows what the future holds.

I hear a certain young woman is going to celebrate her 21st birthday next month

[laughs] Yeah I can’t wait this has been the best year already and it’s about to get better with my fabulous 21st birthday party

Oh it sounds fun where is it going to be?

It’s actually going to be in London’s very own Great Hall Hotel.

Wow that sounds amazing

It will be so good I have arranged for the one and only Michael Buble to perform at my big bash [laughs]

So is Mr Buble someone who inspired you to pursue your dreams of becoming a great performer?

Yeah definitely I love him he is so talented and he appeals to both genders and all ages he just isn’t out dated.

I have to say I am a massive Buble fan not forgetting now a massive Daisy.

[Laughs] Thank you. You know it still doesn’t seem real to me. I wake up in these posh hotels and know that it’s not a dream that its real and I made it.

What are the do’s and don’ts of being famous?

Well I believe that you should never forget about your fans! They are the ones who get you to where you are. I also think that doing things for charity like children in need and comic relief. I’m so hoping to be asked to do something like that! [laughs]

Have you always been interested in charity work?

Well now that I think about it there has always been some aspects of charity work in my life. My old school were involved in a lot of charity work which the pupils always help out with including my self.

Have your family always been supportive of your dream to become a singer?

My mother died when I was very young so I lived with my dad brother and my grandparents but all of them couldn’t of been any more supportive. My Nan used to always say to me “You will make it i know you will your too talented to go unnoticed”.

You sound like you are close to your family how do you cope being away from home for months at a time?

I have to say that is the only down side to this job. I love and miss my family so much but I know that they are only a plane ride away.

Have your family met Brad?

Yeah they all love him especially my granddad they have so much in common.

So how was filming your brand new video for ‘Inspire me’?

That was great fun I felt so comfortable and at home, I can’t wait for people to see it.

I hear that you only wanted to play your own guitar in your video is this true?

Yeah it may sound stupid but that guitar is like a family member. It was my mother’s so not playing it seemed wrong and strange to me.

So was your mother a talented singer like you?

Well my dad always jokes that she could play a chord but she couldn’t hold a note to save her life. [Laughs]

Well it’s been great talking to you and I hope we will have you back after your UK tour. Well that’s if you can find time for us with your busy schedule 

It’s been a pleasure [laughs].

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